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    Love and Light is the home of the Light it up project Awareness Campaign.

  • Our VISION:

    To light up the world with LOVE, LIGHT and HOPE in UNITY to restore HOPE in HUMANITY.


    To create awareness and provide visible support for mental health and addiction to decrease the rates of suicide, substance use/abuse and overdose death.

Unmuting voices GLOBALLY

The Light it up Project AWARENESS Campaign.

Awareness & Support in UNITY . Join the MOVEMENT today . MULITPLE LIVES IMPACTED AND SAVED. Light up your commUNITY with HOPE in your shirt, awareness band, heart decal and kindness cards .Light up social medias by using our hashtag, posting a picture or video with your awareness items sending out a message of HOPE.

Be a LIGHT, Save a LIFE

Founder and creator of The light it up project - Sandra Lee RN (Suicide survivor, PTSD and addiction recovery)

Co-Founder and CEO Rosa-Lee Mckenzie (Domestic violence survivor)

Co- Founder Dusty Anne Simmers - (Suicide survivor, PTSD and addiction recovery)

No one fights alone

If you are suffering , you are not alone. WE support you.

When you see the #lightitup with a yellow heart, yellow awareness bands, yellow heart stickers on houses/ cars and our shirts , we are lighting up the world in UNITY in support of YOU. There is HOPE, we love you and it is courageous to seek support when you need it.

Community Support Campaign Packs.

These are great for Schools, Organizations, Corporations, Communities , Sports teams, Concerts, Events, Recovery Centers and even small businesses.

Customized order with the option of awareness bands, shirts (customizable option and example shown below) , decals, kindness cards and Campaign posters.

Tax deductible , bulk discounted pricing and the opportunity to join us as we Light up the world creating impact and saving lives together. Please contact our organization admin with interest. Link below

You also may be interested in our Tax deductible Sponsorship packages on our website. Love and Light website link below .

SPECIAL EDITION Campaign shirt

This special edition campaign shirt comes in yellow or black option and is available with our Community support campaign packs and our sponsorship packages.

Bulk orders, discounted pricing, tax deductible and the opportunity to list your name and or logo on the back.

Please contact admin at Love and Light to the World Inc.


Make a tax deductible donation to our organization. Products do not come with this option.

Purchase individual decals

Crafty Potato Proud Partner

Love and Light has chosen crafty potato as our official campaign decal supplier. We are grateful for their gracious decal donations.

Please visit their website to purchase individual decals.

Crafty potato website

Proud Partner /Stay Stopped Official Apparel provider

Love and Light to the World has chosen to partner with Stay Stopped official as the official branded apparel provider for our organization and the light it up project awareness campaign. We are very grateful for their service in our mission.

Official Stay Stopped is the leading brand in apparel dedicated to addiction recovery and mental health support. By purchasing Official Stay Stopped merchandise, you show your support for individuals fighting addiction and seeking mental health support. 

Stay stopped website

HOPE heart collection

Lizzy Bearden is the proud and amazingly talented artist that drew this for the campaign based on the vision in her heart.

This is a digitalized version and is available on multiple items for purchase at Stay Stopped Official .

Purchase proceeds support our organization.

Honor a lost loved one

Hope heart candle

Honor a lost loved one with this candle while the purchase proceeds go to our organization to create awareness, support and education for mental health and addiction.

Stay stopped website

Hope heart hoody

Available for purchase at stay stopped official website . Proceeds from purchase support our organization.

Stay stopped website

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